Conference Program

The conference will include Plenary lectures by eminent scientists, as well as talks and posters by delegates from around the world, with a more detailed program and schedule will the created closer to the conference date.

    The broad thematic areas are:
  • • Evolution and Biogeography
  • • Genetics (Ancient and Modern)
  • • Ecology (Ancient and Modern)
  • • Extinction (Ancient) and Conservation (Modern)
  • • Archaeozoology
  • • Others

Pre & Post Field Trip

There will also be a pre conference trip to Siwaliks fossil site in the Himalyan foothills are famous for their legendary fossil proboscideans from the Middle Miocene (~18 Million years ago) to Middle Pleistocene (~500,000 years ago), and well as a post conference trip to Bandipur, a wildlife reserve central to the NIlgiri Biosphere Reserve, today home to one of the largest populations of wild Asian elephants in the world.