The Venue

"The VIII Conference on Mammoths and their Relatives is being hosted by the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, in the South Indian State of Karnataka. The Indian Institute of Science is one of the oldest universities in India, established in 1909, and is today one of the most reputed higher education institutions in the country, being labelled an Institute of Excellence in 2018. IISc sits on a beautiful 400 acre, tree lined campus amidst the bustling city of Bangalore.

The city of Bangalore is known globally as the Silicon Valley of India, as it employs over 75% of Indian IT workforce. It was established in the early 1500s by Kempe Gowda of the Vijay Nagara Empire, and its today the third most populous city in India, with a population of over 10 million. It has always been a very multicultural and cosmopolitan city, which continues to this day, being home to people from across India and the world."